Home for Rent - 331 Deerfield Estates Road, Boone NC

The entire home was renovated in 2007 including the following:
The Kitchen was renovated in 2013 including the following: Call Nancy at 828-773-4445 to make an appointment to view the home.  Please do not drop in.  The terms of the lease are:
Below are some pictures of the home exterior after it was renovated in 2007. The first is a view of the front showing the large deck.

A view from the road which is state maintained in the winter, and has easy access to Boone.  The property is almost surrounded by trees.

Turn left and you can see part of the back yard.  It is fairly flat and great for kids. It now has a wood fort in the back corner of the yard.

After going across the back yard, this is the view facing back towards the street.

 Turn left from there and see the back deck and driveway.  The road curves around the front of the house, and ends shortly after the driveway

A different look at the back deck, driveway, and garage, from near the road.

The following pictures are newer after a recent renovation.

 Going into the house from the back doors, this is the dining room looking back onto the deck and the downstairs bathroom. 

 This is the kitchen after the recent renovation, looking from the dining room. 

 Another view of the kitchen, showing the washroom door in the background and the main entryway to the left. 


This is an older picture showing the entryway with main door and wood flooring.  The walls are now the same color as the kitchen.

 View of the den from the entryway.

 View of the living room from the entryway with stairway in background.

 The first bedroom upstairs to the left.  Both have alcoves in the dormers.

 The second bedroom upstarirs on the left.

 The second bedroom looking back towards the hall.

 The master bedroom.

 Older picture showing the view from the master bedroom down the hallway.  The far door on the left is extra storage space, the closer door on the left is to the hall bathroom, and the short doors in the master bedroom lead to extra storage space.

 Another older picture showing the view into the master closet, which has a door leading to extra storage, and into the master bath.